10 reasons to invest in Italy

//10 reasons to invest in Italy

With a GDP of over € 1.7 trillion and a population of over 60 million, Italy is the world’s 9th largest economy. Italy is one of only five countries in the world whose manufactured products have an export trade surplus (over € 47 mln).

The export of goods and services continues to provide a decisive and positive contribution to the fate of the Italian economy: in the first half of 2018, in fact, it contributed to the formation of GDP by over 31%. And the forecasts are for a further increase in 2019 up to 32%.

10 Reason to invest

According to Italian Ministry of Economic Development, these are the 10 reasons to invest in Italy:

  1. Top economy
  2. Strategic logistic hub
  3. Key manufacturing player
  4. Made in Italy competitiveness
  5. Skilled workforce
  6. R&D and innovation
  7. Quality of life and cultural offer
  8. Pro investment incentives
  9. Open To FDI
  10. Public support to foreign investor

Today, we will talk about the first three reasons and we will explore the other seven in our next posts.

Top economy

As above mentioned, Italy is one of the 3 key economies within the Eurozone with a GDP worth EUR 1,72 billion (EU, 2017), accounting for 16% of the Eurozone market. The domestic market offers many opportunities, with a population of more than 60 million and a GDP per capita of EUR 27,700 (EU, 2017).

Strategic logistic hub

Italy represents a strategic gateway to 500 million consumers across the European Union and to 270 million in Northern Africa and the Middle East, and is the main thoroughfare linking southern Europe to central and eastern Europe.

Transport networks include 6,000 km of motorways (AISCAT, 2016), 1,350 km of high-speed rail (RFI, 2017) and strategic ports for maritime freight and transhipment along the Italian coast and islands.

If you are a non-EU investor planning to invest in Italy, please read our new pratice about Italian Investor Visa and Residence permit

Key manufacturing player

Italy is the 2nd largest manufacturing economy in Europe, the 5th largest globally (World Bank, 2017) and the 9th largest exporter in the world, selling goods worth EUR 448 Billion in 2017 (ISTAT, 2017), maintaining a 2.9% worldwide market share (WTO, 2017) and holding a rare export trade surplus for goods (EUR 47.5 Billion in 2017) among developed countries.

Italy holds leading positions for trade surplus in 899 products out of 5,117 marketed goods (according to the most detailed breakdown of world trade by industry): 1st in 353 products, 2nd in 227 products and 3rd in 319 products (Fondazione Symbola, 2017).

Avv. Stefano Rossi

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